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It’s half term next week and I’m getting ready for a week of workshops at RIBA working with children and young people of all ages to create some architecturally inspired artwork. And so I thought it might be nice to share some art ideas if you’re looking for some ways to amuse the kids over the holiday week.

First up, how about making some tiny tree houses (think Ewok village or check out my Pinterest board) from balsa wood and scrap bits and bobs? Get some PVA glue and you’re away. Perfect for populating with toys and the like.

We’ll be building some giant Jenga out of cardboard boxes, decorating them like buildings we love and stacking them up high to the sky and then of course, knocking them down again. Why? Just because you can… (And if this floats your boat, why not capture it with a stop motion animation app and make it into a film to share and stare at? There are loads of brilliant free ones out there).

And finally if in doubt, get the posca pens flowing like in the drawing or the beautiful mural above by Lucy Tiffney and let the kids loose on a wall or massive bit of paper. What could possibly go wrong?!


I thought it might be nice to share a few of my  Christmas card designs as we approach the big day.

This year I chose the 3D reindeer template (below) as my favoured festive greeting. I think I may have started a trend……. I’ve already had requests for more DIY templates. Stay posted for more free cut-out downloads and remember have a Happy Christmas! X


A3 Cardboard Reindeer Template-01-01

Why not get your Christmas Craft on now and make yourselves a 3D reindeer!

You can use this free printable  version and stick it on to thin card (pdf available to download here) or use it as a template to draw round onto any kind of card or patterned board. Then simply cut out and slot together. Will look great as a table or mantlepiece decoration. Great fun for kids. Have a very Happy Crafting Christmas!

3D reindeer

Wallpaper Part One

WallpaperI’ve been toying with the idea of wallpapering or repainting my bedroom for some time now. Having lived with bright white walls for over a year I think the time has come to add more colour and pattern.

When it comes to  choosing the right wallpaper or paint colour it can take time. Being visual is brilliant, but it can sometimes be a hindrance when it comes to making decisions…

As I am pretty sure I’m not alone in this ridiculousness, I thought I would share my solution to mocking up wallpapers / paint colours of choice to SEE what works best. It was super easy to do if you have access to photoshop (if not search for free photo editing software online).

I found my wallpaper choices online, saved the images and then pasted multiple images behind a photo of my bedroom to see what colours and patterns would look like.

So many choices, but here are some of the highlights:

I also quite like to the idea of painting a stripe, thick or thin, bright or pale yellow, on the walls, inspired by my fellow blogger, Lucy Tiffney‘s studio wall as seen below, with its beautiful pale pink popping stripes.

So far so good, I love being able to see my choices come to life, but now here’s the tricky part, actually making a decision…

Autumn Colour Pops

I’ve been adding a bit of Autumn colour to my bedroom of late. With its bright white walls, it can sometimes feel a little stark, but with the addition of warm, colourful soft furnishings, graphic prints and some bright flowers, the colours really ‘pop’ against the background.

I wanted a colour palette of grey and yellow and these work really well with small amounts of pink and orange sneaking in!

The resulting look is something bright and bold to cheer up a grey Autumn day.

Upcycled Blind



I know I’m not alone in having lots of odd pieces of fabric stashed around the house, you never know when it might come in handy right? And when my nosy neighbour had become too much too bear, I decided I needed something for my front door and that’s when those offcuts came in rather useful to make an upcycled blind.

I had ordered a small piece of chevron fabric online yonks ago on the premise that I would use it for making some cushions and hadn’t got round to it (classic). So that along with a rather lovely unwanted silk vintage dress provided all the materials I needed to create my blind.

By lining the chevron fabric with a section of the dress fabric it meant I could keep light (and prying eyes) away. It also provides a lovely turquoisey hue through the black and white when it’s sunny. The key, as with any sewing project, is pressing the fabric before sewing to ensure it fits like a dream.

A simple white pole and hooks to hang it above the window finished off the project adding a bold graphic and functional feature to my hallway.

Club Tropicana

I’ve been checking out some tropical graphics and vintage posters for a forthcoming design project and what with all this sunshine we’ve been enjoying, it seemed like I just had to share some of my club tropicana themed inspiration. Note – I’m thinking less ‘Wham’ and more ‘Glam’. Enjoy the sun! X

Signage Baby

Being a graphic designer I love a bit of signage and neon typography. It always provides inspiration for work projects.

I collect photos of signage I love and look over when help is needed or when the mood takes me.

So I thought it apt to share some of my greeny blue themed favourites here before Tiff n I head off to God’s Own Junkyard for a neon themed field trip in a couple of weeks. More of that to come…Meanwhile you can follow my signage baby pinterest board here.

Pallet Shelf

Pallet Shelf

Got to love a bit of pallet recycling and this reclaimed pallet shelf fits perfectly into my home studio, creating a special place for all my ‘essentials’. Made by one Louise Bellaers as a gift.

Beach Hut Mini-Makeover

photo 4-2

Well the weather may be rubbish but Tiff ‘n’ Ken just don’t care. And in spirit of the great (rainy) British summer we headed out to the beach hut on a very windy afternoon for a mini-makeover. Hoping to encourage a little bit of sunshine out from behind the clouds at the same time…


Of course with little use over the summer, the beach hut was in need of a little freshening up…


So we set ourselves a thrifty budget of £10 and went wild in the aisles at a couple of local charity shops and a greengrocer.

We managed to pick up a couple of vases, some flowers, a fruit bowl, some fruit, a beautiful yellow mug tree, some sticky buns and a rather fabulous stitched picture. Not bad for a tenner eh?

Mixing it up with some of the existing beach hut paraphernalia, we gave the space a good old spruce up, so no matter what the weather, it will always a be a little haven to escape to.