Beach Hut Mini-Makeover

photo 4-2

Well the weather may be rubbish but Tiff ‘n’ Ken just don’t care. And in spirit of the great (rainy) British summer we headed out to the beach hut on a very windy afternoon for a mini-makeover. Hoping to encourage a little bit of sunshine out from behind the clouds at the same time…


Of course with little use over the summer, the beach hut was in need of a little freshening up…


So we set ourselves a thrifty budget of £10 and went wild in the aisles at a couple of local charity shops and a greengrocer.

We managed to pick up a couple of vases, some flowers, a fruit bowl, some fruit, a beautiful yellow mug tree, some sticky buns and a rather fabulous stitched picture. Not bad for a tenner eh?

Mixing it up with some of the existing beach hut paraphernalia, we gave the space a good old spruce up, so no matter what the weather, it will always a be a little haven to escape to.

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