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Pallet Shelf

Pallet Shelf

Got to love a bit of pallet recycling and this reclaimed pallet shelf fits perfectly into my home studio, creating a special place for all my ‘essentials’. Made by one Louise Bellaers as a gift.

Beach Hut Mini-Makeover

photo 4-2

Well the weather may be rubbish but Tiff ‘n’ Ken just don’t care. And in spirit of the great (rainy) British summer we headed out to the beach hut on a very windy afternoon for a mini-makeover. Hoping to encourage a little bit of sunshine out from behind the clouds at the same time…


Of course with little use over the summer, the beach hut was in need of a little freshening up…


So we set ourselves a thrifty budget of £10 and went wild in the aisles at a couple of local charity shops and a greengrocer.

We managed to pick up a couple of vases, some flowers, a fruit bowl, some fruit, a beautiful yellow mug tree, some sticky buns and a rather fabulous stitched picture. Not bad for a tenner eh?

Mixing it up with some of the existing beach hut paraphernalia, we gave the space a good old spruce up, so no matter what the weather, it will always a be a little haven to escape to.

Architectural Details

I love a bit of Gothic architectural detail and here are some pictures from a recent jaunt to a stately home, currently inspiring a bedroom redecoration project.

Bowie Pot

Bowie Pot

I love David Bowie ALOT. And in the spirit of all things Bowie, I decided to paint an old white pot (from Ikea) as a little kitsch tribute to the man himself, inspired by one of my Bowie Pinterest board pins (follow me here!). And now I shall use my Bowie Pot in my studio not only to inspire me, but also to keep stuff in his little lightning bolt face.

Studio ShelfOn a separate note I used Posca Pens to do the painted detail of the highlights and eyes and they really are JUST SO GOOD. I love them a little too much. There are all sorts of things you can do with Posca and ceramics to which I will dedicate another post completely as they are too awesome not to share.

Tin Can Herb Garden

Tin can herb containersWe got our make on this week in the sunshine, upcycling some used tin cans recycled from the local college’s kitchen department. Once we got our hands on them we decided to create some bold painted tin can herb garden containers for my burgeoning kitchen window sill.

First up – we gave them a good old wash to get the food gunk and labels off and then painted some of them in a base white.

For two of the cans we went dotty using some old blue emulsion we found in the cupboard as the base colour, mixed up with some orange spray paint and white emulsion for blobby dots. For the others a drippy paint effect over the silver and blue. Super simple techniques but they brighten up my kitchen no end.

Getting Carried Away…


Sometimes just having a mess about with some paint and materials is all you need to get creative at home. No set plan, just play. And that’s exactly what Tiffney and I did this morning, messing about in the kitchen, stay posted there’ll be more details to follow…

Upcycled Pots

This week I’ve been messing about with some white pots that were in desperate need of a little razzle dazzle.

First one I decorated with a wink after seeing my cheeky eye graffiti out and about last week. It was dead simple, I just used a permanent marker on the ceramic surface for a little doodle time, I pencilled it out first and then drew over it with pen.

Second up was slightly more complicated as I wanted to use my much loved yellow spray paint to tart up said pot. First I masked off some sections with masking tape and sprayed the front and back in about 2 minutes. Left to dry for 24 hours and then revealed some beautiful stripes which I then outlined again with black permanent marker for a wobbly glazed feel. They look sweet in my studio and so much more interesting than plain ol’ white.

Next up pot number three gets Bowie-ed…

Design Inspiration

Out and about I try and take photos of things that catch my eye, things that inspire me for my design work or things that I just love so much I want to share.

Last week on a walk around the emerging artistic enclave that is Hackney Wick, there was so much amazing graffiti, I could have been there all day taking snaps. Here are a couple that I loved and they’ve already got my creative brain ticking over ideas for some upcycled pots I’ll be blogging about this week. Stay tuned…

Grayson Perry’s A House for Essex

A house for essexWe *actually* love Grayson Perry here at T&K Towers and not just because he’s a brilliant artist but also because he just seems like a really nice bloke (he also has an awesome wife, psychotherapist Philippa Perry, who happens to have the best glasses we’ve ever seen).

We love him so much we went to check out his ‘House for Essex’ over in Wrabness in North Essex. It’s a house designed by Grayson Perry in collaboration with FAT Architecture and Living Architecture. And while it is essentially a massive artwork, it is also a holiday let in which anyone can book a stay (you must enter a ballot to be in with a chance).

The house has been designed around a story created by Perry about a fictional woman, Julie, whose husband had the house built in her memory when she died. There’s more information here via The Guardian with some of Perry’s initial sketches which are just as lovely.

House for Essex Roof

It has now officially opened but when we went to have a sneaky look a couple of weeks ago (Wrabness train station is about a 5 minutes walk) there was still fencing around the site but we managed to get some pictures nonetheless. Check out the documentary, Dream House, this Sunday on Channel 4 exploring how and why it came about.

Happy Friday! X


Recycled Vases for Spring


Following on from our mini-makeover post yesterday we thought we should share some ridiculously simple ideas for some springtime recycled vases to brighten up the corners of your home. Super easy to make and they look ace too.

Taking an old tin and cleaning it up to use at home is always a winner. We chose a Brasso tin mainly because it was almost finished (and it’s been under the sink since 1986).

We cut up an old Vanish spray bottle for its beautiful bright pink colour to match our Spring bluebells. We peeled off the label, hacked off the neck and bob’s yer uncle, a bright pop of colour on your mantelpiece. It works a treat with our other makeshift vases, ours were a combination of random ceramics, ice-cream sundae glasses and an elephant teapot thrown in for good measure.

Happy making! x