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Wallpaper Part One

WallpaperI’ve been toying with the idea of wallpapering or repainting my bedroom for some time now. Having lived with bright white walls for over a year I think the time has come to add more colour and pattern.

When it comes to  choosing the right wallpaper or paint colour it can take time. Being visual is brilliant, but it can sometimes be a hindrance when it comes to making decisions…

As I am pretty sure I’m not alone in this ridiculousness, I thought I would share my solution to mocking up wallpapers / paint colours of choice to SEE what works best. It was super easy to do if you have access to photoshop (if not search for free photo editing software online).

I found my wallpaper choices online, saved the images and then pasted multiple images behind a photo of my bedroom to see what colours and patterns would look like.

So many choices, but here are some of the highlights:

I also quite like to the idea of painting a stripe, thick or thin, bright or pale yellow, on the walls, inspired by my fellow blogger, Lucy Tiffney‘s studio wall as seen below, with its beautiful pale pink popping stripes.

So far so good, I love being able to see my choices come to life, but now here’s the tricky part, actually making a decision…

Pallet Shelf

Pallet Shelf

Got to love a bit of pallet recycling and this reclaimed pallet shelf fits perfectly into my home studio, creating a special place for all my ‘essentials’. Made by one Louise Bellaers as a gift.

Beach Hut Mini-Makeover

photo 4-2

Well the weather may be rubbish but Tiff ‘n’ Ken just don’t care. And in spirit of the great (rainy) British summer we headed out to the beach hut on a very windy afternoon for a mini-makeover. Hoping to encourage a little bit of sunshine out from behind the clouds at the same time…


Of course with little use over the summer, the beach hut was in need of a little freshening up…


So we set ourselves a thrifty budget of £10 and went wild in the aisles at a couple of local charity shops and a greengrocer.

We managed to pick up a couple of vases, some flowers, a fruit bowl, some fruit, a beautiful yellow mug tree, some sticky buns and a rather fabulous stitched picture. Not bad for a tenner eh?

Mixing it up with some of the existing beach hut paraphernalia, we gave the space a good old spruce up, so no matter what the weather, it will always a be a little haven to escape to.

Bowie Pot

Bowie Pot

I love David Bowie ALOT. And in the spirit of all things Bowie, I decided to paint an old white pot (from Ikea) as a little kitsch tribute to the man himself, inspired by one of my Bowie Pinterest board pins (follow me here!). And now I shall use my Bowie Pot in my studio not only to inspire me, but also to keep stuff in his little lightning bolt face.

Studio ShelfOn a separate note I used Posca Pens to do the painted detail of the highlights and eyes and they really are JUST SO GOOD. I love them a little too much. There are all sorts of things you can do with Posca and ceramics to which I will dedicate another post completely as they are too awesome not to share.

Upcycled Pots

This week I’ve been messing about with some white pots that were in desperate need of a little razzle dazzle.

First one I decorated with a wink after seeing my cheeky eye graffiti out and about last week. It was dead simple, I just used a permanent marker on the ceramic surface for a little doodle time, I pencilled it out first and then drew over it with pen.

Second up was slightly more complicated as I wanted to use my much loved yellow spray paint to tart up said pot. First I masked off some sections with masking tape and sprayed the front and back in about 2 minutes. Left to dry for 24 hours and then revealed some beautiful stripes which I then outlined again with black permanent marker for a wobbly glazed feel. They look sweet in my studio and so much more interesting than plain ol’ white.

Next up pot number three gets Bowie-ed…

The Perfect Gallery Wall

Gallery WallI got my first place about 6 months ago and now the world of interior design, making stuff and DIY has now become a slight obsession…

Having gathered a multitude of prints, photos and paintings over the years, I was finally able to give them a proper home.

I wanted to create the perfect gallery wall, salon style, in my living room, taking over a large section of one the walls, with little else in there to distract.

Getting to the point where I could actually hang the pictures on the wall took a lot longer than I had initially thought. There were a certain number of steps that I had to take in order to get there.