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It’s half term next week and I’m getting ready for a week of workshops at RIBA working with children and young people of all ages to create some architecturally inspired artwork. And so I thought it might be nice to share some art ideas if you’re looking for some ways to amuse the kids over the holiday week.

First up, how about making some tiny tree houses (think Ewok village or check out my Pinterest board) from balsa wood and scrap bits and bobs? Get some PVA glue and you’re away. Perfect for populating with toys and the like.

We’ll be building some giant Jenga out of cardboard boxes, decorating them like buildings we love and stacking them up high to the sky and then of course, knocking them down again. Why? Just because you can… (And if this floats your boat, why not capture it with a stop motion animation app and make it into a film to share and stare at? There are loads of brilliant free ones out there).

And finally if in doubt, get the posca pens flowing like in the drawing or the beautiful mural above by Lucy Tiffney and let the kids loose on a wall or massive bit of paper. What could possibly go wrong?!