Upcycled Pots

This week I’ve been messing about with some white pots that were in desperate need of a little razzle dazzle.

First one I decorated with a wink after seeing my cheeky eye graffiti out and about last week. It was dead simple, I just used a permanent marker on the ceramic surface for a little doodle time, I pencilled it out first and then drew over it with pen.

Second up was slightly more complicated as I wanted to use my much loved yellow spray paint to tart up said pot. First I masked off some sections with masking tape and sprayed the front and back in about 2 minutes. Left to dry for 24 hours and then revealed some beautiful stripes which I then outlined again with black permanent marker for a wobbly glazed feel. They look sweet in my studio and so much more interesting than plain ol’ white.

Next up pot number three gets Bowie-ed…

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